Fresh Specialty Coffee from the Far East

Specialty Arabica Coffee

Fresh crop and high quality of Single Origin green coffee.

Modified Atmosphere Packing

Preserved bouquet of our coffee lasts much longer than with conventional packing in an oxygen atmosphere.

Innovating Roasting Technique

We roast coffee on an innovative Russian-developed roaster.

Taste The Difference

Good grain, good technology, and good people all amount to the perfect taste of our coffee.


Eastbrew Coffee
Is Seeking Distributors Worldwide!

Our fresh harvest Arabica coffee has a clear history, and our packaging shows the variety, region, farm and sometimes the name of the farmer.

Coffee from Colombia

Colombian coffee from Santa Rosa farm in Narino region has a juicy flavour with a taste of dried fruits and red apples.

Coffee from Peru

Coffee from Peru, with juicy acidity, dense, rounded body and notes of black currant, black tea, dried dark berries and spices.

Coffee from Kenya

Coffee from Kenya with juicy acidity and medium rounded body, red and black currants & raspberry jam on the palate.

Drip Bag Coffee

Our Eastbrew Drip Bag Coffee is convenient to brew under any conditions without tools and accessories.
Eastbrew beans are freshly roasted in a modified atmosphere, leaving the coffee always fresh.

Specialty Coffee Association Member

The Eastbrew coffee team is also a proud members of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).
SCA’s purpose is to foster a global coffee community and support activity to make specialty coffee thriving, equitable, and sustainable through the entire value chain.

Meet Us in Seoul, November 4-7

If you are interested in distribution opportunities in your country, please contact us to arrange a meeting at Cafe Show 2020!

Eastbrew is Seeking
New Distribution Partners

Eastbrew Coffe is now expanding to new international markets and is seeking distributors worldwide. Please contact us for distribution opportunities in your country:

Victoria Motuzova

Eastbrew Coffee Company thanks you for your time!

Regulatory Approvals

Eastbrew coffee holds the Declaration of Conformity of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAC). Click Here. Additional regulatory information can be provided upon request.